Why So Serious, Eurovision?

I am just going to say it.

Eurovision 2015 was a let down.

And my feelings have nothing to do with the U.K.’s getting just 5 points, although that doesn’t help.

I just want to know what happened to Eurovision’s sense of fun and quirkiness this year.

There were too many countries that were actually trying to win.  Why?  Delusions of grandeur on their parts, really.  Yes, countries are starting to break ranks with the voting, but they are not quite there in tearing down the borders just yet.  Germany and Austria didn’t even vote for each other and left each other with “nul points”.  That leaves the U.K. with bragging rights at least.

We were left with too many women singing power ballads in ball gowns with wind machines blowing into their billowing locks.  (The Boffin was trying to convince me that European women’s hair naturally does that.)  I had so much hope for Georgia’s entry, Nina Sublatti.  Here she was, the Goth Girl, going to belt out a song with the title “Warrior”.  YES!  Metal!  Guitars!  Heavy Bass!  Maybe there will be spears and axes involved? Cool!  But no, it was yet another sappy mess.  But she gained 51 points over Britain’s 5, so what do I know?

Just another in a long line of wind machine women.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
Just another in a long line of wind machine women. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Actually, what I do know is that I am outlier when it comes to this Eurovision stuff. What I like is not what everyone else likes. Who did I think put in the best performance?  Serbia.  Watch.  Then I will tell you why.

That was Bojana Stamenov with “Beauty Never Lies”.  OK, the lyrics are cheesy.  The choreography leaves a lot to be desired, but they played it with a sense of humor.  However, Bojana is an incredible vocalist and brought down the house.  And it was obvious how much fun they were having, and their enthusiasm was infectious.  They embodied was Eurovision was all about.  Serbia only received 53 points.  If they were from a more popular country, they would have been in the top five.

Even the much criticized U.K. entry did not deserve just the mere 5 points it received.  The performance did need a more intimate setting, and the singers were a little off their game.  But there was a sense of jocularity and oddity about the electro-swing approach.  They was robbed.

This is not to take anything away from Måns Zelmerlöw and his song “Heroes”.  I give nothing but a sincere congratulations to Sweden and look forward to watching the contest coming from Stockholm next year.  As much as I question whether the public voted for the technical performance over the song, it did make its choice, and I respect that.

But like I said, what do I know?  I listened to Echo and the Bunnymen more than Madonna in high school.

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