That’s Not What We Wanted.

I had fun at the expense of the Republicans yesterday and their dozens of ego-driven Presidential candidates.  In all fairness, let’s try to keep the books balanced here and bring the Democrats into the fold.

If I can make any generalizations about our two Name Brand party Presidential candidates, it’s this.  With a Republican candidate, what you see is basically what you get.  And what you get is basically an asshole who sometimes does the right things.  With a Democratic candidate, it seems like you don’t know what you are getting.  Most party loyalists hope there is that possibility that perhaps, just perhaps, this one could have a heart or a sense of social justice.  The jaded voters already know that the end result is going to be yet another asshole who sometimes does the right things.

In the end, you just hope whoever gets elected happens to throw the breadcrumbs that you want your way.

Segueing from breadcrumbs, if we were to have some sort of comedic hijinx with the Democrats, it would be more of a cooking competition like Master Chef.  Why?  Because if they are asked to make particular dishes with specific ingredients, they would completely, utterly screw them up.

“Hillary, we asked you to make orange sorbet.”

“I know.  I did.”

“It melted.”

“Bernie Sanders was hogging the ice cream maker.  Some socialist he is.”

“This doesn’t even taste like orange.”

“Republicans tampering with subsidies and a drought caused an orange shortage in Florida and California respectively.”

“It’s lemon water!  There isn’t even sugar in it!”

“The sugar will increase your risk for diabetes.  I should know.  I tried to do something about healthcare years ago before Obama came into the picture.  This orange sorbet is what you really wanted and needed.”

“But it’s LEMON WATER!”

It's supposed to look like this, Hillary.
It’s supposed to look like this, Hillary.

I’m not singling out Hillary.  Insert almost any other Democrat into that scenario, and you would get the same snow job.

But the reason why things keep running is that sometimes politicians do make good decisions because we hold their feet to the fire. We, the people, just have to turn the flames up more.

It's OK. You can say something.

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