Hockey Lions Redux and Capitalism

Last week, I reblogged a post by Cher from the The Chicago Files about the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) sticking hockey helmets on their famous lions in support of the Blackhawks in their Stanley Cup run.

Well, Chicago clinched the championship on Monday, and the AIC added one more feature outside.  Playing off the famous American foam hand common at sporting events, the museum had to remind us that TripAdvisor rated it the best museum in the world in 2014.  Can’t pass up a little self-promotion on the heels of the Hawks.


This really isn’t any different than selling a T-shirt saying “Chicago Blackhawks – 2015 Stanley Cup Champions”. It’s taking advantage of what is current and timely to make money. It’s how a free market works. Therefore, someone came up with a clever idea to advertise to bring people into the museum to help raise funds, so precious pieces of art can be preserved. Works for me.

And, as much as it pains me to say it, congratulations to the Blackhawks for their victory.

5 thoughts on “Hockey Lions Redux and Capitalism

  1. We were in Chicago last year during the playoffs, and stayed at the very nice, very posh Peninsula. They had Blackhawks jerseys on the lions at the front entry. I’m Canadian, so it just made me feel a bit more at home 🙂

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  2. The foam finger to brag about the museum ranking at the same time as the Cup clincher is indeed a marketing stroke of fair play well done, Karen. Bravo to the museum staff. And, yeah, to the Hawks, too. :-o.

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