Good Ole Gas


We are on the road and just picked up the Sprog from camp.  It’s been two weeks, and we are happily reunited.

Anyway, at a BP station, I encountered the sign above. Now, I don’t know about you, but gas is not something that evokes down home sentimentality. Maybe other people do after inhaling the fumes.

Of course, the Boffin had his own thoughts.

“Henrietta, I have good ole gas!”

“Hey, Ezra! Pass me some of them beans. I want me some of that good ole gas.”

Of course.

I wonder if the BP stations in the U.K. sell smashingly good petrol.

12 thoughts on “Good Ole Gas

      1. WARNING! Serious injury may result from attempting to pronounce the plural of Prius.

        As for their worthiness, not at all. Think of it more like hard corn liquor, good ole gas is not meant for the discerning palate.

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