“You Cannot Be Serious!”

Has it really been 34 years since this match between John McEnroe and Tom Gullickson?  Even at 8-years-old, he was the badass American with his flyaway hair who took on the Establishment.  I certainly was in his corner.  What kid wouldn’t understand the value of a temper tantrum?

And to think the nation has welcomed Mr. McEnroe back with onto the BBC broadcasting team.  I am sure it appreciates his vast knowledge and boisterous personality this time around because the BBC keeps asking him back.  I know I am lapping it up thanks to a PC hooked up to the TV.  Proxy servers are a beautiful thing.

Suggestion to Auntie Beeb, get Patrick over.  The brotherly banter is worth watching.

11 thoughts on ““You Cannot Be Serious!”

    1. I prefer to think of him along with Ivan Lendl and Mats Wilander from this commercial.

      Attempted to edit to provide link because playback function was disabled. Hit the YouTube logo at the bottom right to play. It will take you to the YouTube page.


  1. John was one of the best tennis players, ever. Period. I don’t give a hoot about his tantrums. John and Patrick are two of the best tennis announcers, anywhere. NBC was nuts to let them drift to the BBC, if that’s what happened, Karen. I enjoyed John’s volleys with Dick Enberg and anybody NBC paired him with on the broadcasts, always.

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    1. John only does Wimbledon on the BBC. He still does the broadcasts for the other tournaments in the States. I am sure Patrick is gainfully employed over here during this time.

      And I am sure McEnroe’s being a fellow New Yorker has nothing to do with your opinion, Mark? 🙂


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