An Ethical Question Regarding a Bounty Bar

“Bounty-Wrapper-Small” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

To the Americans who don’t live close to a World Market, a Bounty bar is a candy bar that is like a Mounds but doesn’t contain coconut-flavored sawdust.

The Boffin and I were picking up a few provisions at our local supermarket and were in one of the foreign food aisles.  In the British food section, Bounty bars from the U.K. were being sold for $1.39 a piece.  Just a little further down the aisle, the Polish Bounty bars were being sold for 99¢ a pop.  So, the Boffin, being that he worked in the food industry, decided to investigate the codes on the wrappers.   From what he could figure out, it looks like they were made in the same factory in the Netherlands.  And neither one of us can tell the difference, taste-wise, from past experience.

So, to the average American, Bounty bar manufacturing is all down to that European Uniony sort of stuff, like when the news uses words like “Greece,” “Euro,” and “Merkel”.

Now, we don’t think the supermarket is trying to rip anyone off.  We think the supermarket is getting the candy from two different distributors and could possibly be under the impression that these are two variations of the candy bar.  So what do we do?

When in doubt, ask the Internet. That’s what I say.

19 thoughts on “An Ethical Question Regarding a Bounty Bar

  1. I never tried a Bounty bar, but I don’t like Mounds, because the “coconut” doesn’t break down. I just keep chewing it, and eventually, it turns into gritty “coconut” flavored gum.


              1. Whew! You had me worried for a moment. I have been accused of being a bit too forthcoming , in the past. I heard the phrase “I don’t need to know that!” a few times.


      1. Bounty had a short lifespan in mainstream USA markets. It is superior to Mounds or Almond Joy, as the former is awful for all aforementioned reasons and “AJ” contains “D grade” almonds with the same paste used for Mounds. Bounty also has a more satisfying chocolate coating. It is a must for my trips to our “Cost Plus” stores which carry it, along with other imported treats.

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  2. I don’t know what the store manager could / would do about it, but I would definitely start there. Maybe write a letter to corporate.

    Random World Market story – Neither my husband and I had ever been to a World Market when we drove down from Alaska. But when we stopped in Montana we happened upon one, and we LOVED it!! We were very sad to leave and wondered if there were any near Chicago. Well, when we arrived in Chicago (finally!!) to our delight we discovered at least one within a reasonable distance! And it’s even on my way home from work, so that’s even better.


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