I Always Set Myself Up

I have a tendency to get cute when I ask the Boffin to do household tasks.  It’s never a straightforward, “Honey, would you sort the mail?”  I always have to phrase it in a more interesting way like “Honey, would you take care of the mail before the pile grows and chases people down the street like the gigantic breast in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*?”  That’s how I roll.

The Furball saves the neighborhood from Mail Pile of Doom
The Furball saves the neighborhood from The Mail Pile of Doom.

Whenever I do that, that leaves me open to one of the Boffin’s witty retorts.  Yesterday’s scenario went like this.

Me:  “Honey, there are odors emanating from the litter box.  Would you take care of them please?”

The Boffin:  “OK, where would you like the odors to come from?”

5 thoughts on “I Always Set Myself Up

  1. “Do we still have peaches?” (You know perfectly well, we do) “Yes.” “I should have some fresh fruit… …I haven’t had any, today… …peaches are so good, and good for me…” (Finally giving in ) “Do you want me to wash you a peach?” “Oh, yes, please!” “Sigh.”

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