Let’s Check in with the Presidential Election So Far…

With the Republicans, I would say we were at the gorilla exhibit at the zoo, but the gorillas are usually far better behaved.

Bobo is not impressed.

It’s the Trump show right now, and there are a cluster of people who are liking his “tell it like it is” rhetoric.  Well, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a narcissistic, pompous dickwad with an “America First” agenda who thinks any publicity is good publicity.  What some people don’t seem to get is that this is not the student body president election in high school.  Electing someone because he is popular and you like his style is not enough.  The stakes are much higher here and someone who is just going to barrel through with the “my way or the highway” attitude when dealing with all the issues will do more harm than good when we are so interconnected on a global scale.  But, hey, at least, he is entertaining.

Meanwhile the other Republican candidates, bless their souls, are trying to get everyone else to pay attention them and only demonstrating just how out of touch they are with the American people in the process.  Rand Paul took a chainsaw to the federal tax code.  OK, he may get the lumberjack vote.  Lindsay Graham destroyed his phone after Donald Trump gave out his number.  The American reaction?  Why would we want a President who still uses a flip phone?  Ted Cruz had a go at Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell for being a liar in session (A big no-no. You call your colleagues liars to the press. Silly Ted.); McConnell saw it as the attention-grabbing stunt for what it was, and we did too.  Mike Huckabee, in his critique of the Iran deal, is invoking Holocaust imagery by saying it would “basically march them (the Israelis) to the door of the oven”.  Nice to know he is keeping his usual level of tact.

Scott Walker just wants to start World War III by reneging on the whole Iran deal. All I know is that Scott Walker will be in Philadelphia today and will be sampling cheesesteaks from Pat’s and Geno’s.  Considering that both places are highly overrated and cater to the tourist crowds, he deserves whatever he eats.  I wouldn’t say I hope he chokes on it because I am not evil, but I wouldn’t mind if he receives a bit of verbal flak on behalf of the natives from my home region. Because they can give it good.

Meanwhile, there is Jeb! Bush who is trying to tell everyone to get along and stop all this infighting, which is admirable.  But then when he opens his mouth to address an issue, he is 12-years behind the times.  Phasing out Medicare when private healthcare costs are skyrocketing?  Riiiiiiiiight. His gilded upbringing is showing through in spades here.

So what is going on with the Democrats?  They are doing more conventional campaigning and letting the Republicans duke it out in their steel cage match.  It’s the smartest move on their parts, as far as electability.  Hillary Clinton just made a speech on climate change in Nashua, NH, but nothing of substance came of it. To be honest, I am not holding out any hope for her. I have always wanted a female president ever since I was watching Free to Be…You and Me in elementary school, but she is the political equivalent of a cheap American chocolate bunny. Hollow and leaves a foul taste in your mouth. Bernie Sanders is trying to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire like he was setting out to do, but she is still being rather evasive about her goals at this point on a lot of key issues. I understand the campaign strategy, but the country wants to know who can demonstrate proper leadership. Lingering in the background when the country is in flux only shows you are a slave to opinion polls.

To sum it up, I think Bobo should put his hat in the ring.

24 thoughts on “Let’s Check in with the Presidential Election So Far…

  1. Excellent summarization…. I’m tempted to withhold my vote this time; it only seems to encourage them…

    Fred Bird had the best line for all of it, when he said, back in the 60’s, “Politics is poopadoodle.”

    The Circus of Panderers is back in town; oyez, oyez… “Okay, everybody out of the gene pool!”

    gigoid, the dubious

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  2. Hillary what a PILLOCK, after the speech, she got on her private jet. well some much talk about men made climate change, what a load of codswallop. you just have to love these lefty twits.


    1. First, Lisa, welcome to the blog.

      Secondly, I am going to ask you to play nicely here. Just because someone disagrees with you politically does not mean he or she deserves to be called a “lefty twit”. We are all Americans and all our voices are allowed to be heard.

      Yes, the 1st Amendment allows you to insult people, but it also allows me to call you on it.

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  3. My manager at my first job used to call me a twit, when I made a stupid mistake. She used to be a Sargeant in the US Army. Does the word twit have special meaning to people in the military?


  4. It is easy to take cheap shots at politicians – mostly because they make it so easy. So here is a little story to show another side of politics – least we all get too cynical.

    Back in the 1980’s, Congressman Martin Sabo (Minnesota) held a meet-and-greet at my neighborhood community center. This was at a time when the nation was in hysterics following the airing of the ABC mini-series “The Day After”. A drama that explored the aftermath of nuclear war. It was just a movie but people were genuinely frightened by the reality of something most of them had lived with all their lives.

    Shortly after being handed the microphone, a young mother from the audience broke into tears. She completely lost it but clung to the microphone and wouldn’t give up the floor. This annoyed some people in the audience, others were more sympathetic – but it was Sabo who spoke up.

    He told the crowd to take a break. Then he took a chair beside the woman and and comforted her until she could manage words again.

    I didn’t agree with many of Sabo’s policies and never voted for him – but I was sad to see him retire.

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  5. Let me add another name to the all-too-short list of human politicians: Paul Wellstone. Apparently there was a sort of irrepressible little-kid quality about him that, if he ate in a restaurant, let him walk into the kitchen to thank the people working there for the meal–and somehow do it in a way that instead of tossing him out of the kitchen they loved him for it. When he voted against gay marriage, I disagreed with him, but some time later he came out publicly to say he thought he’d been wrong. When he was killed in a plane crash, his campaign signs reappeared on the lawns of our neighborhood, edged in black electrical tape.

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    1. That is absolutely a lovely tribute. I remembered the outpouring of praise when he died. It is great to hear one of his constituents write about him.

      May I say how much I envied people who had Senators like Wellstone? I was still in Pennsylvania at the time of Wellstone’s plane crash. Specter and Santorum. Sigh. I tried to do my part with my vote.

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