Don’t Forget to Submit Your Expenses.

Ellen Hawley, an American who put down roots in Cornwall, wrote in her blog, Notes from the U.K., about whether there is absurdity in American Politics recently.  Her point steered toward Department of Defense spending.  (By the way, do take the time to check out her other posts.  She has such a bright, engaging wit, and she does a lovely job describing what it is like to be from Here and settle permanently over There.)  Anyway, by coincidence, a gem of wonderful government absurdity came across my Facebook feed courtesy of my friend, Andy.

Col. Buzz Aldrin of the 1969 Moon landing fame posted his travel voucher from his famed journey for all to see on Throwback Thursday a couple of days ago.  Being a little bit of a space nerd at heart, I love Andy for sharing this because I have been suspecting the existence of this document for years. Of course, NASA, being a U.S. Government organization, would make him file an expense report for traveling to the moon.  Let’s check out what it says.

Image courtesy of Buzz Aldrin
Image courtesy of Buzz Aldrin

I love on the first page how it lists that he took “Gov. Air” to the Moon.  As opposed to his Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)?

It looks like he did get mileage and some sort of per diem with a deduction for meals.  By the way, the $33.31 they gave him comes to about $222.00 in today’s money.

I wonder if they pestered him for receipts.

But it only goes to show even one of the greatest feats in our history can get mired in governmental bureaucracy at the end of it.

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