11 thoughts on “30 Seconds of Bunny

  1. The PA branch recently had 2 close encounters with wildlife. One good, one terrible.

    Terrible: July 4th weekend I had to euthanize a baby bunny. I don’t hate rabbits (they taste great) but it bugged me for several days after it happened.

    To summarize: mama rabbit made a nest in the corner of the yard outside our bedroom. Neighbor cat found the nest, ripped one of the siblings in half (fun cleaning that up) andscared mama away. Tribe finds baby bunny nestled against the side of our house in terror. Baby was not quite old enough to leave nest yet and had only moved about 10 feet. If bunny is allowed to live, he probably wouldn’t have moved away from the house. If he did move, he would’ve gone back to where the nest was. Cat then gets another free supper. We don’t want our yard to become a an all-night feline diner. Mama was out of the picture and would’ve been no help anyway. So I did a hard thing as humanely as I could. Told Tribe about it later and explained why.

    Good: we trapped one of the chipmunks that have been living under our back porch yesterday. Daughter and Number 4 Son went with me to my favorite catch-and-release area several miles away. Chipmunk was let go to do chipmunky things in the woods.


      1. That’s why I always say I’m techless! I don’t know what kind it is, but on tne back, it says CC90168, then it has an exclamation point with a circle around it, and then something that looks like a coffe go-cup, with an x through it.


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