Let’s Compare Our Favorite Websites.

Just for fun, the Boffin put thisbritishamericanlife.com into Alexa to find out where it ranked as far as web popularity.  It made it to #19,519,204 in the global rankings, which is much better than I was expecting. I have all of you to thank for that, and if I could fit 19,519,204 fingers onto a foam hand, I would do it in a heartbeat. Seriously, it means a lot that there is a core of you that keeps reading my musings.

Imagine that coming after you in the doctor's exam room.
Imagine that coming after you in the doctor’s exam room. “Grady Sizemore Foam Finger” by Chris Metcalf – originally posted to Flickr as Grady Sizemore Foam Finger. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, it wasn’t enough that I found out where I stood in the World Wide Web.  I had to find out about our web searching habits.  So, I had a look at the top websites in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Let me type out the top 10 for each.

In the United States, we have:

  1. Google.com
  2. Facebook.com
  3. Amazon.com
  4. Youtube.com
  5. Yahoo.com
  6. Wikipedia.org
  7. Ebay.com
  8. Twitter.com
  9. Craigslist.org
  10. Reddit.com

In the United Kingdom, they like:

  1. Google.co.uk
  2. Google.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Youtube.com
  5. Amazon.co.uk
  6. Ebay.co.uk
  7. Bbc.co.uk
  8. Yahoo.com
  9. Live.com
  10. Wikipedia.org

So what gross generalizations may I make out of this?  We both love to watch cat videos equally.  The Britons spend too much time looking up useless information, and the Americans fit their reputation of wasting their disposable income.  Oh, the Americans also love to talk vapidly about the stuff they bought on social media more. Let me see, the Britons have too much trust in a government-run news site.  And Google, excuse me, Alphabet is well on its way in its scheme to take over the world.

That’s a start.  How much more tongue may I put into my cheek?

Does anyone else want to throw in some stereotypes?

17 thoughts on “Let’s Compare Our Favorite Websites.

  1. I just wanted to chime in that it’s now former-Phillie Grady Sizemore. You may go back to your cable discussion now.

    Oh, and Reddit at #10? I was actually afraid it would be higher.

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  2. Though I’d love to take up the challenge to engage in pointing out stereotypes (which, sadly, I think WAY too many Brits AND Yanks try very hard to become…), I have only about six hours of free time, and that would only make a start…

    Sorry. Maybe next time.

    I feel good I only use 3.5 of the listed 10 sites from each list (the same in each list). You’re correct about Google (sorry, I refuse to accept the change; Google is just TOO perfect a word for them/it…. They can call themselves whatever they like; they’ll never remove the infinitive, “to google” from the English verbal lexicon)….

    As an aside, and in the same vein as Google’s progress at world domination, have you checked out some of the latest AI robots, being made all over the world? (Google “A message from Jules” and/or “Invirtuality”) I predict, by what I saw, it will be a matter of about five years before they’ll be able to release a robot into the public, and pass it off as a real human, without anyone ever knowing…. The future is looking mighty strange…. on both sides of the Pond…

    All that aside, statistics are fun, aren’t they?


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    1. Statistics are fun, I agree.

      Oh, yes, there is an fascinating exhibit on robotics at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, sponsored by Google, of course. It is going to take more than 5 years to make a robot passable as human. While we can get the cosmetics down, it takes a lot to get the fluidity of the motion right, and there is the matter of brain capacity. It will take 50-100 years to create a computer the size of a human brain that functions at a level of a high school graduate. It may look human, but it will no way pass off as human. So we will have to wait a little longer for our Asimovian doom.

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    1. Facebook: Social media site. Send “friend requests” to each other and are able to share links/photos/videos, type what you want, and play games.

      Amazon.com: Mega-Mega online store. Go here and you can find almost anything. Another feature is AmazonPrime. For a fee every year, you get 2-day shipping plus access to a selection of instant videos and music. It started out selling books but has exploded into a huge retail network.

      Wikipedia – An online encyclopedia that is maintained by us, so we are basically fact checking each other. It is a great place to go for a starting point for information, but digging deeper from there is always good.

      Ebay – Online auction and selling site. Both used and new goods on there.

      Twitter – Social media site. – You are restricted to 140 characters, and you are connected to followers. It’s a fast paced site, so you have to keep up. If you ever heard the term, “to tweet someone,” it refers to sending a message on Twitter.

      Craigslist – It’s the newspaper classifieds online. Help wanted. Apartments. Stuff for sale. All set up regionally.

      Reddit – It is like a combination social networking, entertainment, and news site. It’s hard to explain, but it is set up like a forum where people can jump in and ask questions or submit other content and Reddit users can chime in.

      BBC.co.uk – That, of course, is the WWW part of the British Broadcasting System. People would go there for the news, TV listings, iPlayer, etc.

      Live.com – Microsoft have a set of online services that go through this site. I believe the Xbox services go through and some Windows and Office products. Those who are more in the know can chime in.

      I hope that gives you more insight. Feel free to Google this stuff.


      1. Wow! So much to learn! No wonder I’m so techless—I don’t even know the basic sites! I use my mom’s AOL account. (I know, I’m holding my thumb and forefinger up to my forehead to signify that I’m a loser!)


  3. I had no idea you could search out your ranking in the internet universe. If there was ever a piece of information that I DIDN’T want to know, it’s that. I mean, Jesus, just my day-to-day commute is enough to accentuate my insignificance. I don’t need a Google ranking to confirm it, thank you very much.

    I’m curious about that pic. Did you randomly select it? I’m from Cleveland and the Indians are kind-of my team, although I hate them for the years of misery they’ve brought me.

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    1. Or you can fully embrace your insignificance. It really takes a lot of pressure off when you think about it. All you really need to worry about is being a good person in your part of the world and hope it ripples.

      I was just looking for a picture of a foam hand, and the Grady’s tenure with Cleveland was the luck of the draw. I was talking to a colleague of The Boffin’s yesterday who is originally from Cleveland. She has the same attitude as you. You just accept that they are going to lose.


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