The Liebster Award


Iris of The Very Hungry Entourage was very kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award.  Thank you so much, Iris; it was very kind of you.  Check out her blog, if you are a food lover.  Iris and her entourage are eating their way through America, and you will want to do the same.

Since I knew nothing about blogging awards, I found out the Liebster Award is basically a chain of getting newbie bloggers to get to know other newbie bloggers in this big, old bloggy world, and I am so happy to do my part to keep it going.

In order to be eligible, a nominee must:

    • link back the person who nominated them
    • answer 11 questions designed by the person who nominated them
    • nominate up to 11 other bloggers for this award who have less than 500 followers
    • create 11 questions for new nominees to answer
    • let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

Why did you start blogging?

Eventually, I would like to go into freelance writing, so I wanted to build up some confidence of having my words out there and getting feedback from the public.  But I did not realize WordPress was a social network unto itself, and it is fantastic.

Do you have a favorite post? If so, add a link to it.

My favorite post is The Elephant Gun in the Room.  It took a lot of work to explain the myriad of factors that go into the role of guns in the United States, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the problems we have.

If you had one food to eat daily, what would it be?

I love having my banana in the morning; I am a happier person when I do have them in the house.

Share a fact not many people know about you.

If I come across a group of numbers, I mentally check if they are divisible by three.  (Add the digits together, and check if the sum is divisible by three.)  License plates, phone numbers, street signs, you name it.  It bothers me that our house number isn’t divisible by three, but I manage to live with it.

Are you a sweet tooth, or is savory more appealing?

Sweets, hands down.  I keep telling people that, if potato chips go away, I would survive, but if cakes were taken away, I would be a wreck.

If you won the lottery, where would be your first travel stop?

Gack!  That’s hard!  There are so many places I want to go.  Where to start?  OK, since I have to pick one, I will choose Japan, but that could change tomorrow.  Or even in an hour.

Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?

Cat…because we have one, and I am allergic to dogs.  I also appreciate their comical sense of narcissism.

Where is your favorite place to go on a walk/hike?

I’m a city girl at heart, so just walking around Chicago or any other bustling urban area while absorbing the energy of the people and the atmosphere is invigorating to me.  It’s a lot easier to get 5 miles under your belt walking from block-to-block than walking a trail.  Nature has coyotes, bears, and a distinct lack of air conditioning.  Cities have shops, theaters, and eateries.  Yep, cities win.

Beach or Mountains?

The beach is lovely.  I go back to that nature thing I mentioned above.  I don’t sit around worrying about shark attacks and stuff like that.  Sand in my food is usually the worse thing that happens.

What are your goals for the blog this year?

My goals do not center around my blog.  I am trying to improve my writing as far as my speed and getting my editing skills up to par.

Bigger reward: Cocktail or Coffee?

I don’t drink coffee, so naturally cocktails are the winners.  Although, I only do those once in a blue moon, like a strawberry daiquiri.  A single malt suits me just fine.

So, here are my nominees:

Golden Daze

Snips & Snaps from a Southampton Old Lady

James Proclaims!

Life of Janine

Weird and Wonderful

And my questions for you are:

  1.  How did you get into this blogging business?
  2. If you could live in another country, where would you live?
  3. What is your favorite cookie/biscuit?
  4. In what setting do you feel most comfortable?  Are you a country or a city person?  One if by land, two if by sea?
  5. What is your favorite holiday?
  6. Please share a fun fact about yourself.
  7. Do you have a favorite post?  If so, please share the link.
  8. What is your proudest accomplishment?
  9. What is your favorite book?
  10. List two pet peeves.
  11. Summer or winter?

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