A Spirited Recommendation for Oprah

Some time ago, The Boffin and I were in Binny’s, the big chain liquor store known to those in the Chicagoland area, and I was fortunate enough to stumble across this recommendation.


Now that was very nice of you, Oprah, and I will certainly keep that in mind next time I have $270.00 lying around to buy a bottle of liquor that will make me punch random passersby in the genitals. But please, let me return the favor.

I offer you this.


Yes, you read that right. 192 proof. The 750 ml bottle only costs $22, so it provides a hell of a lot more value for your money than that tequila you are hawking. You can use it to make your own flavored vodkas and baking extracts. You can liquor up your fruits and use them in cakes and other baked goods. You can use it for medicinal purposes, even if the medicinal purpose is to forget about what ails you.

You know what, Oprah, I even have a craft idea to go along with it. I made a biodegradable personalized carrier sleeve to go with the bottle. Check it out.


I should stick that on Pinterest.


23 thoughts on “A Spirited Recommendation for Oprah

  1. Love this, great!!

    Now, I like Oprah simply because she does some really good things for lots of people. I have never liked her political ideals, but this is a surprise. I am kind of shocked and saddened that she also aids in the sale of a product that I see as a very dangerous substance, loose in our society.

    More to the story but enough. The Polish got the name right, love it!

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    1. Thanks, John!

      I do agree that alcohol is far too pushed and promoted in society. It’s too glorified, and we are doing our children no favors by shielding them from the truths about what alcohol can really do when you abuse it. One of the biggest beefs I have with pro sports, especially with the NFL, is the proliferation of advertising, and the beer ads are at the top of the list. Thank you, Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller. It isn’t as bad with baseball, and they cut out the TV ads on MLB.TV, so we can watch our Red Sox games in peace.

      I think alcohol is fine in moderation. Drink it a meal. Have an occasional nightcap. The Boffin and I always make sure the other isn’t drinking, if one us does so, because we have to make sure someone is completely there for the Sprog. However, we are not everyone else. We have a health care system and society that is struggling to deal with the effects of alcohol every day, and less people trying to pour the stuff down their throats might help.

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      1. I totally agree!! Not everyone has had a serious problem with this substance but being one of them that has, I see the stuff in a different light. it’s not fair to say nobody should drink. Some can do so with no issues. Some of us can’t and have to abstain. the stuff is not candy yet it is pushed like the drug it is. Our society in this country sadly regards profit of human life. I find this incredibly vulgar. Vegas serves the stuff up more so than other cities i would think, hence we have lots of DUI arrests. I could rant on but….

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        1. Congratulations on your sobriety, John. Keeping it and maintaining it is huge and should be celebrated considering how gut-wrenching it is to get there and stay there.

          It is vulgar. Alcohol went from a low level amount as a safe alternative to the polluted drinking water to what we see today. I could rant on too.

          Let’s blame Congress! 🙂


      2. My dad used to say that American beer is like dishwater. He claimed it’s impossible to get drunk on it, because the alcohol is so much lower than German beer (what he was used to). He would always say “I piss it owtt bevvore I get trunk on zaht!” (German accent spelling) 🙂


  2. Good job; I’m afraid i’m with you on the whole Oprah thing. She’s already the richest woman in TV, probably bumping up against the lower levels of being really, mega rich… so, why does she need to endorse a product at all? Would it, could it be, perhaps, the 5 million dollar endorsement fee, proving her overweening avarice, hypocrisy, and general sociopathy? Why, yes, yes, it could!

    One of those hypocrites who “will never forget where she came from”, which, in my world, translates to “asshole”, or “asininny”….

    Nice, and thanks for the tip on the Polish polish, aka, Polack Everclear, I would suspect. Looks like a whole new season of brandy liqueurs to experiment with!….


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    1. That’s what killed me. She’s supposed to be in touch with the rest of us, and here she (or Binny’s) is, waving this $270.00 bottle of booze at the public, thinking we would buy this because she endorses it. It’s cheeky.

      On top of that, she is closing Harpo Studios and moving out to L.A. by the end of the year, so she is already saying “Up Yours!” to Chicago. So it’s another little insult to injury. We’re not good enough for her anymore.

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      1. I’ve always gotten the impression from her of one of those people who would do or say anything to be considered successful… which, as the Diagnostic Manual tells us, is a good definition of sociopathy… Anything she said or did to give the impression she liked Chicago was purely for her own aggrandizement; she never actually has any feeling for anything other than her own agenda….

        Just sayin’…. never have seen what folks saw in her; she’s a total illusion.



  3. Around here we produce a lot of liquor. In fact we ship it out by rail in tanker cars. It is called Ethanol and you can’t drink it because they “denature” it with gasoline but if someone were to “rectify the spirit”, it would work just great…. Just say’n.

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