A Shoutout to Northwest Community Hospital

Picture courtesy of The Daily Herald
Picture courtesy of The Daily Herald

Now that The Boffin is home from the hospital and things are settling, we have to take the time to say thank you to the crack team at Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) in Arlington Heights, IL  for taking such great care of him.

It all started with The Boffin’s thinking he had indigestion the Saturday before last.  In a few hours, he was left writhing with upper abdominal pain and actually stating he needed to go to a doctor.  (If he was going to fight it, I was going to drag him at that point.)  Upon a trip to one of NCH’s weekend clinics, after an exam, an EKG, and a phone to the NCH’s emergency room, the adventure began, and we made our way to the ER.  He was on a bed within 2 minutes of arrival.   The doctor examined him, and the nurse injected him with pain meds within 20 minutes.  After a CAT scan and the discovery of a partial small bowel obstruction with a twist, he was kept in the observation area overnight.  The Boffin stated that he never felt abandoned, nor left to his own devices.

The staff maintained the same level of attentiveness throughout the rest of his stay when he moved into the hospital proper.  The nurses and assistants were even asking me, if I needed anything.  We even had a visit from a volunteer asking me if I were happy with The Boffin’s care and what else they could do to improve what they do.  (The Boffin was getting tests at the time.) It wasn’t cloying and constant; it was just enough to feel like they were there and on top of things.

Even the small things made life easier.  The electronic patient board was helpful, so I knew where The Boffin was, if he happened not to be in his room.  Knowing that his room had a love seat that could turn into a bed brought peace of mind.  I love the ease of their electronic records transfer, so we don’t have to lug x-rays or anything else to The Boffin’s GP and his new gastroenterologist.

Most importantly, they did everything possible to avoid surgery while clearing the blockage, and The Boffin is back at work today because of their know-how.

So, Northwest Community Hospital, thank you again.

From the bottom of our hearts,

The Boffin and Karen

16 thoughts on “A Shoutout to Northwest Community Hospital

  1. Damn, I love a happy ending. I’m glad this went well and that the hospital was so good. My experience with hospitals has been either incredibly wonderful or awful–with both countries weighing in on both sides of that.

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  2. I’m so glad the Boffin is better! My mom has had very good treatment at Hinsdale Hospital. We go through such very trying, stressful times, when our loved ones are not well, I’m so glad you can feel the relief now!

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  3. I know this is totally random, but I’m actually involved with the NCH Foundation, and they are always looking for stories from patients and former patients. Is it all right if I share your story with my contacts over there? (I was just going to email them a link to this page)

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