Karen Tries Bovril – TBAL’s 1st Vlog

Hello Folks,

I decided to try my hand at a vlog. The Boffin was my cameraman, and you get a taste of how we can get going dialogue-wise after I take my first taste of Bovril after 23 years. Tell me whether this works.

16 thoughts on “Karen Tries Bovril – TBAL’s 1st Vlog

  1. Ha ha ha! Firstly, I love that the Crumpet Raiding Helmet is now a tradition; secondly, well played getting into a spousal debate so that you were too busy arguing to take another bite; thirdly, I suspect Freud thought rather often about “crumpet”, maybe just not the food variety.

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      1. Oh yes your argument definitely rang true from the oh so many debates my husband and I have, mostly pointless since we are entirely in agreement over the bigger things in life. Replace Bovril with Salad Cream and we could have had entirely the same discussion – except none would have made it into my mouth.

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  2. You guys are so cute!

    You guys are great off-the-cuff once you get comfortable – as a viewer it was easy to spot the moments when you guys transitioned from nervous-discomfort to going-with-the-flow. One thing that helps me is to start with a script that I can leave behind whenever the moment strikes me; that way my beginning sounds polished but after I get going I sound comfortable. Or maybe you just need to do a few more of these to find your groove! Who knows. Everyone’s different.

    But I’m with you, though – what is wrong with Britain that people voluntarily pay for and ingest salt-laden meat paste? πŸ™‚

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