This is What I Endure

The Boffin has taken up archery again, so when he gets into something, he has to explains what he does for hours on end.

This morning’s conversation revolved around his shoulder about how it doesn’t hurt when he draws his bow, but it does hurt when he pulls his phone from the case on his belt.  After his extensive demonstration of his point, I exclaimed, “OK, Robin Hood!”

“I’m not Robin Hood!”

“Well, what other English archers are there?”


“Just go to work.  Just go.  I want you to go to work.  I am looking forward to you going to work.  Just leave.  Get out.”

Wazzock:  See Jeffrey Archer  "Jeffrey Archer @ Oslo bokfestival 2012 2" by Bjørn Erik Pedersen - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Wazzock:  See Jeffrey Archer.   “Jeffrey Archer @ Oslo bokfestival 2012 2” by Bjørn Erik Pedersen – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

13 thoughts on “This is What I Endure

      1. they put up signs saying “stay on the path.” Personally, I think it is a disaster waiting to happen. I take photos of cars (well, they are invariably trucks, actually) that are not among the dogwalkers.

        I agree about the hunting, actually. And frankly the deer are everywhere, all the time, all year long. They are a hazard to cars, eat everybody’s shrubbery, hate the invasive plants. But mostly, they STARVE in the winter.

        But they should have hunters or people. The combination is not good.

        I now walk in the forest with my cell phone, earpiece ready to report an injury. I also sing loudly as I walk. Which will be the reason somebody shoots me.

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  1. I think you should encourage him. It is safer than a gun. His bow (probably) won’t go off accidentally. Besides, bullets are useless against vampires, but a straight wooden arrow to the heart stops them every time!

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  2. My husband does the same thing. I have to continually remind myself that since he stays at home with a 2-year-old, I am really his only regular source of adult conversation so I ought to endure as much as possible.

    Over the years I have been (conversationally) assaulted with:

    – Ron Paul
    – libertarianism
    – the gold standard
    – anarchocapitalism
    – (insert new amazing kitchen gadget here)
    – the many miraculous qualities of the Honda Prelude
    – Counterstrike
    – Warhammer
    – League of Legends
    – League of Legends international tournaments and the various teams in contention
    – Alton Brown
    – bitcoin

    And that’s just off the top of my head. My husband is very smart and really thinks about a lot of things, but he thinks through them very, very, VERY thoroughly, which means I have to put up with any given topic for way WAY longer than I would prefer before he moves on to the next one.

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      1. Last night it was how this guy on youtube messed up the drag equation. Rather than focusing on the reduction in drag coefficient and cross sectional area, he overemphasized that it was about the velocity. Fortunately, someone was close at hand to listen to my explanation of why he was wrong. She took it very well.

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