Margaret Thatcher on the $10 Bill and the Bigger Picture

Source...all over the Internet
Source…all over the Internet

Since I make it a point not to watch the Republican debates for purposes of maintaining my blood pressure on an even level, when I saw a little blurb about Jeb! Bush suggest putting the late Baroness on the $10 bill, I thought it was a joke.    It wasn’t until The Boffin came home from work yesterday that he told it me that it really happened, but he did not want to discuss the point further because he felt an aneurysm coming on.

So I had to look it up and saw this write up from the Washington Post.  Here is what he actually said.

“I would go with Ronald Reagan’s partner, Margaret Thatcher. Probably illegal, but what the heck?”

Sounds like his brother’s attitude throughout his entire presidency.

So Jeb!, when put on the spot to make a snap decision, couldn’t think of a notable, accomplished woman from this country to be on the $10 bill.  But his gaffe wasn’t the only one.

Regarding the other candidates’ choices, to quote from the article, “Mike Huckabee chose his wife, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz went with Rosa Parks, Rand Paul picked Susan B. Anthony, Donald Trump his daughter, and Scott Walker opted for Clara Barton. Chris Christie picked Abigail Adams, John Kasich said Mother Teresa, and Ben Carson chose his mother. Carly Fiorina said she wouldn’t change the bill.”

Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Walker, and Christie (half the candidates) actually picked notable American women.  Fiorina copped out, probably afraid of making a choice that would have cast her as being “liberal” or “feminist”.  Kasich picked a worthy woman, but she wasn’t American.  Huckabee, Trump, and Carson chose their relatives.

When you think about it, as far as questions go, this one is pretty much works at an elementary school level.  How hard is it, really, to come up with a name of a woman who made a significant contribution to American History?    And only half of the male candidates could do it.

So either the Republican candidates who botched the question are either rock stupid when it comes to history, or they do not see how women factor beyond what they do for them.

If you can’t handle the easy stuff, how are you going to deal with Iran deals and domestic crises?

26 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher on the $10 Bill and the Bigger Picture

  1. You must have been feeling masochistic, to have paid even THAT much attention to any of it…. but, excellent call, for sure… But, then, none of the questions were designed to do anything but provide a platform for their particular bigotry… from what I’ve read. Didn’t watch it, I won’t, you can’t make me… They’re all crazy…

    So are all the Dems…


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    1. True, but they still could have found somebody. These are supposedly educated men. Paul and Carson are doctors. They could have come up with Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to obtain a medical degree in the United States and a pioneer in women’s healthcare and medical education. She was also an advocate of natural family planning. OK, she was British-born, but she was a naturalized American citizen too.

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  2. What a terrible indictment of the way these candidates view the contribution of women to American history which just adds to their terrible attitudes towards women and equalities generally. I still keep hoping that Trump’s candidacy in particular is one big publicity stunt and that when he reveals the joke and stands down he takes the rest of the clown car brigade with him.

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  3. As an aside, as a non-USC there is something I’m confused about and perhaps you and the Boffin know the answer. I was under the impression that USCs born outside of the U.S. – such as my husband and kids – were not eligible to stand for the office of President. However, Cruz was born in Canada. So what is the stance?

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      1. Ah ha! So I can now tell my kids that they are actually eligible to be President some day. I thought they were disqualified by virtue of being born in the UK. Thanks for clarifying. I guess this is among the many things I need to know for when I apply to become a citizen and have to take tests on civics.

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