All Dressed Up and Here in the States

To meet with the food industry’s trend of limited edition edibles designed to torque off the consumers by giving us things that we like and then taking them away from us, Frito Lay decided to release a special version of Ruffles that is only available until December 7th.  Dubbed the #1 Flavor in Canada, they presented us with the All Dressed Chip.

All Dressed for what?  I am not sure.  If there are Canadians who can answer that question, I am open to hearing the answers.


Now, in case we couldn’t figure out that this flavor (flavour) was popular in Canada by the description, Frito Lay was kind enough to not only put one maple leaf where the endorsement was, but they kindly placed a blown-up maple leaf in the background to add that visual je ne sais quoi, meaning “We don’t know what we are doing.” And if we Americans couldn’t figure out the Canadian theme after that, let’s look on the back.


Nothing says Canada more than a bowl of chips stylishly placed next to a hockey stick on the ice and artistically out-of-focus players’ legs with the bag seam chopping the photo all up.  Nice touch.  I don’t know what could have made it better.  Perhaps Don Cherry in one of his loud suits holding the bowl of chips?  A quote from him telling us how these chips would have been the ones that old-time hockey players would have eaten after they whaled on each other, if they had their own teeth?

So it is all down to hockey and maple leaves, isn’t it?

Let me say, to Canada, I formally apologize for the packaging and the awful representation Frito Lay made of your nation.  It’s embarrassing.  Truly.

Nevertheless, I had to try these novel chips.  What I ate was pure joy in snack form.  This was an interesting reaction considering I normally would take sweet over savory any day.  But something reacted within me to eat the whole bag in one clip, and I am now compelled to buy and hoard.  Canada has crack too.

Touch my chips and die, asshole!   "Cat chewbacca" by Peter Heeling - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
Touch my chips and die, asshole!     “Cat chewbacca” by Peter Heeling – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

However, I will say the picture on the package was misleading.  It implied that it was like a barbecue chip with vinegar and paprika.  But you couldn’t expect much from the package anyway because, well, look how the geniuses in marketing and advertising described Canada.

I can describe it well to you, the U.K readers.  Imagine getting a hit with the vinegar and then following up with notes of Marmite, smoke, onion, garlic, and paprika.  To the U.S. readers, Marmite is a yeast extract which comes in a jar that is usually spread on toast or some sort of bread product.  When we see different types of yeast extract over here, it is often used instead of MSG as a flavor enhancer.  All I can say to the Americans that if you like salt and vinegar chips, give these a go.

If I don’t buy them all up before you.


21 thoughts on “All Dressed Up and Here in the States

  1. Despite my loathing of marmite, I may have to look out for these and give them a try. I’m disappointed they didn’t lob a beaver and a moose on the packet too. I wonder what xenophobic stereotypes they might come up with for future limited editions.

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  2. Wow, the packaging is hilariously terrible. I’m surprised they don’t have a picture of a moose playing hockey on it or something.

    I didn’t realize All Dressed was the #1 flavour for Lays chips in Canada though. If All Dressed is successful they might bring down Ketchup chips as well.

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    1. With Don Cherry complaining that the moose aren’t tough enough and that there are too many rule changes from the league offices? Not sure about that one.

      Oh, please do send the ketchup ones. They have ketchup ones in the UK too. I miss those terribly.


  3. “Marmite is a yeast extract which comes in a jar that is usually spread on toast or some sort of bread product”

    Egads! I have not tried Marmite but I have experienced its Australian cousin, Vegemite. I have often wondered what unearthly horror visited these islands to force people to eat such things. May history never again be so unkind.

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  4. Glad we can share and introduce a different taste experience. Every year in Canada we have 4 new flavours introduced into our Lay’s potato chips and then a voting contest to pick the best; Each of the 4 regions; not to be confused with our 10 provinces & 3 territories, gets to enter a flavour. This year we had Butter Chicken; Scalloped Potato; Baked Beans, and finally Montreal Smoke Meat. PS – we would be happy to export Don Cherry.


    1. Thank you. I am not in advertising, but I believe they test these things on focus groups. So it is down to the random people that they sample who thought this bag was a good idea. Perhaps they should have sussed the sample out about their knowledge of Canada.


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