Veiled Communication at Its Best


In other words…

Dear Chicago Residents:

We know you do not like piles of crap in the park, but we are working on it.  Give us a chance, will ya?

We also know you hate it when we have these massive concerts like Lollapalooza because of the hordes of people causing mess, disturbance, and general mayhem, but you have a choice here.  We can either up your taxes even more, so you can have your nice parks, or we can have big events, and you have to learn to live with the inconvenience once in a while.  Are we clear?  Good.  Now shut up.


The Chicago Park District

9 thoughts on “Veiled Communication at Its Best

      1. ah so you have a “real” experience of Italy 🙂 Puglia is the one region I really like, together with Marche: neither does very effective marketing, and so they’re still pleasant!

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