Amteasia Defined

I updated the definition of amteasia to add the third part after some comments reminded me of another part of the affliction.  It should have been painfully obvious.

amteasia – n. – 1) the act of brewing a pot or cup of tea and forgetting about it until it is at room temperature and strong enough to strip paint.  2) drinking your cup of tea, forgetting you’ve done so, then looking at the bottom of your cup forlorningly.  3)  Forgetting where you placed your cup of tea.

It was just here! Photo courtesy of terremonto.
It was just here!             Photo courtesy of terremonto.

Of course, amteasia is a by-product of preoccupation, a mind adrift. You are working on a last minute report at work. You have a million and one projects at home to get done before the children return from school. You made that valiant attempt to carve out a small chunk of time to get a little pick-me-up with a digestive on the side, and it all went pear-shaped. For some of us, it was a lost opportunity in a cup or a pot. For others, the beverage was drunk, but the moment passed us by.  You are momentarily gutted.

Tea is a drink that is meant to be sipped and savored.  It can be enjoyed in solitude or with conversation depending on your mood or inclination.  Japan has devoted a whole ceremony to tea, and the U.K. does the same as far as proper tea preparation.  Drinking tea really becomes more than just ingesting a beverage.  That pang when amteasia hits is that knowledge is that you missed the whole experience in whatever form it means to you.

So this is a PSA to remind the tea drinkers to slow down and savor your tea today.  You are worth every precious drop.

24 thoughts on “Amteasia Defined

  1. All. The. Time. It’s the curse of the tea obsessed multi-tasker. I wander off to do something else and end up forgetting I left the bags in the pot so end up with tea so strong and full of tannins even builders wouldn’t drink it or else I pour myself a cuppa and get distracted until it’s cold. But that’s what makes a hot mug of tea one of my little luxuries.

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  2. Haha, made me laugh. I don’t tend to do the first one much because I like my tea quite weak so I never leave it brewing, but the second one, all the time, I’m like “Ooh I’ll drink my lovely cup of tea now…wait…why is my cup empty? Who drank my tea?!”

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    1. Welcome, Vanessa-Jane. Thank you for commenting. I am glad I could give you a chuckle.

      Personally, I think I would ask a genie for a magical tap that dispenses Whittard’s Apple Crumble tea with the perfect sugar/milk ratio at the right temperature to rectify that problem. The hard part would be when I am too lazy to get up and refill my cup.


  3. I’m like that with Cherry Coke. I like it after it’s lost some of it’s bubbles, and slightly watered down from ice. I very often miss that magic moment, when the mixture is exactly to my liking.

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  4. sometimes I warm a forgotten mug of the tea in the microwave – I open microwave door only to find a mug of tea already in there. It’s been made, forgotten, re-heated and then forgotten. I once didn’t look at was I was doing and nearly knocked mug 1 all over the microwave with mug 2. Not good!

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      1. yes I know it’s shocking but do make the tea in a tea pot and all that it just goes in the microwave once it’s been made, partly drunk and then forgotten!

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