Help Me Decipher This Grocery List


Not only is he or she defacing government property, but I think you would need at least 2 meds to eat the cream of anus soup made with onion and pickles that this person is going to concoct.

At least that is my best guess.

Any better ideas?

26 thoughts on “Help Me Decipher This Grocery List

  1. I did read anus first, but in the context of the onions and pickles, I think it’s actually mus, meaning mustard, and what looks like an ‘a’ at the start is just a scribble where maybe they started to write something wrong – this would make sense because they’ve written pickes rather than pickles so we know they’re not a careful writer. And the 2 med I think is just 2 medium pots of cream. So mustard, onions, pickles, they’re clearly going to have some people over for a barbeque, and the cream is to have with strawberries afterwards.

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    1. You sound like a detective deciphering that list. “Colonel Mustard did it in aisle three with the Onions and a Pickle.” And I think you’re right. A scribble before the “M” in mustard to get the pen to work, maybe.

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  2. OMG, if that says mustard, then it might be a Burger King order! Coffee with cream, 2 medium value meals, with mustard, onion and pickle! (The drinks with the meals are always Coke, unless otherwise requested. )

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