So Dame Maggie Needs to Eat.

Apparently, Dame Maggie Smith admitted on The Graham Norton Show that she occasionally shops at Waitrose in Storrington in West Sussex.  It is to be expected as she lives close by.

Now I really don’t understand how this became news considering that, while Waitrose isn’t the Harrods Food Hall, it is a pretty solidly middle class supermarket in which to shop.  I could see Dame Maggie picking up her provisions there very easily.

What would be newsworthy would be if she announced that she were a Tesco Clubcard member.  Even better if someone caught a snapshot of her in Tesco loading her trolley full of Carling Black Label.

No, I want a photo of her with the beer in the trolley while in the snacks section loading up on crisps too.

No, even better, she should be busting open a multipack of Walker’s Cheese & Onion crisps and getting started on the binge while filling the rest of her cart with Monster Munch and other essential sundries.

Hang on, one more detail, she should be dressed as The Dowager while she is stuffing her face with cheese and onion crisps in the middle of the snack aisle at Tesco with a trolley full of Carling Black Label and filling the remain space with Monster Munch and other snackables.

Because she is Dame Maggie, and she doesn’t give a shit.

Image courtesy of The Associated Press
Image courtesy of The Associated Press

Yeah, that would be cool.

12 thoughts on “So Dame Maggie Needs to Eat.

  1. Why would that be newsworthy at all? The whole cult of celebrity is very odd. I enjoy following the careers of some actors and directors because I am a movie nerd but I don’t have this need to know about their personal lives whether it is salacious gossip or boring and mundane details to prove they are – gasp – ordinary people who just do an interesting and high profile job for extraordinary amounts of money. I have met and bumped into scores of famous people (my husband and I used to try and guess what category of famous person we might stumble upon on each day we went into London for an amble, it was that common an occurence) but I don’t recall ever particularly batting an eyelid and I have never been star struck -though I was once tempted to nip the buttock of Sean Connery just so I could say I had goosed James Bond.

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    1. You have to understand this from an American perspective. With our celebrities with their “people” and their special grocery stores in which they shop away from the hoi polloi, spottings are rare unless you are in the New York/L.A. areas. We are the unwashed.

      Dame Maggie dressed as The Dowager stocking up on beer and crisps would be an anomaly, surely.

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      1. Ha ha! Yes, I probably was thinking about it way too Britishly, wasn’t I? I am sure that Britain also produces celebrities who also have lackeys who they dispatch for groceries and other such chores but I guess the entertainment industry in Britain being pretty much centred on London where anything goes and nobody gives tuppence ha’penny who you are (except for cabbies and their penchant for, “You’ll never guess who I had in the back of my car today?” patter) keeps everyone a bit more grounded – or as grounded as people can be when they are raking in so much dosh just for entertaining people.

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  2. funny post, I love how the images you conjure just don’t jell – all that Dowarger-ness “stuffing her face” with junk-food and stocking up on lager? haha. If it were whiskey it would make more sense: the late Queen Mother apparently enjoyed her scotch 🙂

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