I Have a New Favorite Word.

Photography of the defenestration of the stuntman Louis-Marc Marty for the film “Parrallèle extrème”.

I cannot believe I have been on this planet for 42 years, and I never heard of this word until The Boffin taught it to me this morning.


The act of throwing something or somebody out of the window.

To think of the number of times in the past when this word would have been handy.

I looked it up, and there is another definition.

The act of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority

I hope that means you do so by throwing the person out a window.

Because a few names come to mind…

20 thoughts on “I Have a New Favorite Word.

  1. I first heard it in a history class, which mentioned the defenestration of Prague, which involved throwing someone out the window. As a political act. In Prague. Damned if I can remember the details now and I’m too tired to look it up. But it was the kind of phrase that stuck with me over the years.

    And for what it’s worth: French for window is fenestre. Latin is something pretty close I assume (Spanish is ventana), but hell, I’m too tired to look that up either. So if it isn’t from French, it’s from Latin.

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    1. The Boffin said something about the defenestrations of Prague, but I can’t be bothered to look it up the details either. You know more about it than I do.

      But I do know that the Latin for window is fenestra, and the French is fenêtre. But I am a pain in the ass like that.

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  2. Want to know how I learned this word? Researching my husband’s family history. One of his relatives (not direct and not even blood but related by marriage if I remember correctly) died as a result of defenestration. Suspiciously. A political murder. My husband’s family tree is full of such bizarre deaths. All my lot died of war, drowning and TB. In that order.

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