Some of the Reasons Why I am on Twitter







Thanksgiving is Coming.

Pennsylvania Dutch potato filling…

Three sticks of butter and a death wish.

Edited with the recipe with the following changes.

Use all of the butter for the frying of the bread and vegetables.  Do not put any on top.  Not necessary.  You may even need extra butter, hence this time I needed three sticks.  I used salted.

In the UK, use size medium eggs.  In the US, size large.

You can season it however you would like.


America Does Things Big.

I would love to come back to the UK and see the size of one of these things.

Probably wouldn’t hold a candle, really.

Oh, and this is in Dayton, Ohio, so making election comments are tempting.  But I am going to ask for restraint.  My readers are above cheap shots. 

I’m not, but you are.

Nothing But the Best for Mom.

I just came home from the pharmacy.  While I was there, I was in the greeting card aisle with a gentleman who was chuckling while taking a picture of a card and sending the photo via his phone.  Being in the States, it wasn’t awkward for me to say, “Oh, a really funny one to share with friends?”

He replied, “Na, it’s my mom’s birthday.  This is her card.”

I realized that he created a new definition of an e-card.

So, is he being cheap, or is he just using modern technology like the rest of us do with birthday greetings?

Mazel Tov, Mr. Dylan!

I procured the latest edition of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago’s news magazine at our temple when I picked up The Sprog from Hebrew school. Of course, this tidbit of information is not the most timely, but I love how its caption was basically my reaction almost verbatim.


I wonder if any of his relatives gave him a good quality pen for his endeavors.

I Get My Own Back.

Now the conversation leading up to this had absolutely nothing to do with the state of the Queen’s bowels.  It started off with discussing Prince Harry bringing Meghan Markle to meet his family and having to apologize for embarrassing relatives.  If The Boffin can hit the lowest common denominator, we will.

Me:  I can say the Queen shits her pants.

The Boffin:  That’s treasonous!

Me:  Not my country.  I can say what I want about the Queen.

The Boffin:  The Queen can make others shit their pants.

Me: I’m not a citizen. The Queen can’t do shit to me.

The Boffin:  She could make me a lord and then you would have to say, “Oh yes, my Lord, whatever you want!”

Me:  No I won’t.


Me:  But I would be a lady.  A lady outranks a lord. (Smirk)

The Boffin:  How does a lord outrank a lady?!

Me:  Because ladies first.

Lady Flora Hastings, a victim of Queen Victoria’s cattiness.  Her death bit Queen Victoria’s image in the tuchus.