Nothing But the Best for Mom.

I just came home from the pharmacy.  While I was there, I was in the greeting card aisle with a gentleman who was chuckling while taking a picture of a card and sending the photo via his phone.  Being in the States, it wasn’t awkward for me to say, “Oh, a really funny one to share with friends?”

He replied, “Na, it’s my mom’s birthday.  This is her card.”

I realized that he created a new definition of an e-card.

So, is he being cheap, or is he just using modern technology like the rest of us do with birthday greetings?

20 thoughts on “Nothing But the Best for Mom.

  1. He’s probably cheap by my definition. I believe cheap is when you don’t pay your way, even when you can afford to. But I must admire his ingenuity. What an original, innovative way to cheat someone out of their royalties.

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  2. My cousin is really unhappy that her grandchildren never send any cards for anything. Cards, I mean 3 dimensional cards, are thoughtful, touchable and generous gifts. As a card maker, when I see people of all ages eyes light up as they choose a card, there’s the recognition or memory that’s evoked. ” My mother loves irises.” one person said. An elderly gentleman said, “Do you have anything masculine?” I was quick to oblige his taste. More and more people are making cards. And then there are so many people who are sharing in virtual reality… well is it really reality?

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  3. He’s a perfect example of a world gone mad; even the common man now has a sense of entitlement strong enough to overcome the social contract, to regard custom, and law, as something they are allowed to cheat, as long as they don’t get caught. When expediency becomes paramount, honor leaves the room…


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      1. Aye, true enough; now, though, with close to 8 billion mostly insane hairless apes running around on the planet, there can only BE more madness, as the number of mad creatures continues to rise…



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  4. I would say lazy rather than cheap. It takes effort to buy a card, write it, get a stamp, post it. People just can’t be bothered. It’s a shame, as others have said, nothing like getting an actual card in the post. I’ve sent e-cards to my mum before, proper e-cards, not photos of ones in shops! But only when she’s travelling, which she likes to do a lot, and therefore doesn’t have an address for me to send a card to at the time.

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    1. You send proper e-cards. That’s one thing. I can see how laziness can play into it, but many people do not realize that greeting card creators are paid royalties based on the cards sold. It would be the same as going to the library and taking a picture of each page of a book.


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