The Secret of Gingerbread Houses…

…and why nobody eats them.

I just made construction dough for the first time. Standard ingredients are in it, but I thought the intestinal system was only capable of creating something like this.


Don’t ask me about the texture.

I’m going to go somewhere and cry.

9 thoughts on “The Secret of Gingerbread Houses…

  1. *smile* True gingerbread isn’t solid/stiff enough to build the houses; it’s too soft, so the construction dough needs to have more flour, so it stiffens as it dries and cools… and, yes, that’s why they aren’t for eating, just display… Even if you put one together made of the basic recipe, it would dry out too much to taste very good by the time it got eaten, unless consumed within the first day or two….

    Bummer, huh?…

    gigoid (retired chef)….

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  2. We used to make these with the godkids, and they now make them with their kids. But I cheated and bought kits. Those were hard enough. Holding them together meant I had to construct an inner skeleton of cardboard and cardboard wings to hold the roof on as well. Before I caught on, I had to hold one together with rubber bands one year.

    They ate the candy, but I doubt they ever touched the gingerbread.

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