Merry Christmas and the “Magical Macy’s Christmas Tree”

This post is courtesy of Cher from her blog, The Chicago Files.  I thought it was the perfect way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas because this tree is one of the best things about My Fair City during the holidays.


macys-christmas-tree-2016-2Well isn’t this absolutely spectacular! I took this photo today while strolling around Macy’s Department store in downtown Chicago.  I absolutely love this tree! It is breathtaking and reminds me of a winter wonderland! How beautiful! I had to share it with you of course!

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Much ado ablaut shitting

Strong Language is a blog that help you rationalize your filthy mouth because it adds an intellectual bent to it. If you want to dig deeper in the history and the hows and whys of the art of swearing, this is the place to go. Enjoy!

Strong Language


Shit has been with us an awfully long time—it appears in Old English as scitan—yet we can’t seem to agree on the past tense of the verb. Is it shit? Shat? Shitted?

My theory for why we haven’t settled this issue has partly to do with its ‑it ending, which, based on similar verbs in English, can get pulled in several different directions as we try to derive a past form. And because shit is vulgar, we generally use it less often than other verbs ending in ‑it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.11.02 AM Not exhaustive, obviously, but an example showing the relative frequency of English verbs that SHIT might emulate.

So rather than having a past tense at the ready, maybe we build it on the go, by analogy:

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Chicago Blackhawks: In the finals, and that’s no lion!

Cher is a Canadian expat living in Chicago, and what I love about her blog, The Chicago Files, is that she uses words and photos to describe her life in such an upbeat and refreshing way. Today’s post is a rather good one. It’s all about the Art Museum’s sticking of hockey helmet’s on their signature lions that stand guard outside in honor of the Chicago Blackhawks reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s a fun way to support your local team, even though my Philadelphia Flyers loyalties are internally grumbling.

The Chicago Files


Well now, what do we have here?  Why, it’s a bronze lion sporting a Chicago Blackhawks helmet!

There is a tradition here in Chicago which I utterly love.  Whenever a Chicago sports team makes the final round or game in their particular sport, the prominent bronze lion statues ‘guarding’ the front of the Art Institute of Chicago get a bit of a makeover.  The helmet or hat of the ‘final round team’ is placed upon the head of each lion (there are two).  At this very moment, the lions are sporting “Chicago Blackhawks” helmets!! (The Chicago Blackhawks are Chicago’s National Hockey League team).

Here’s another angle:


Since 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks have made the final round three times, winning the ultimate hockey prize, the “Stanley Cup” in 2010 and 2013; currently, they are in the 2015 Stanley Cup Series.  Before their monumental win in 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks had not…

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Existential garage sale

One of our friends from North of the Border, Ross Murray brings an astute but comforting wit to the blogging table. I always look forward to every new post of his, and I don’t want to keep his name a secret.

Drinking Tips for Teens

I held my annual existential garage sale last Saturday. It was scheduled – rain or shine, with a set of core values or without – from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., although who can really know the nature of time as an abstract in a physical world? Certainly not those early birds who showed up at 7 o’clock looking for cheap fundamental truths and free will.

And I specifically said in the ad: “No rational egoists!”

Anyway, I always look forward to this sale to clear out a lot of outdated household goods and personal belief systems. I could just throw them in the trash, I suppose, but it feels much better to say goodbye to, for instance, youthful ambition if I can convince someone to give me three bucks for it.

And wicker. All that wicker. I don’t know how we ended up with so much wicker. So…

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