When the Queen Breaks Rank

The Queen commands much more than her nation.  She commands her image just as skillfully.  What I love most are the little glimpses of her playful side.

Those of us who watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics saw the prime example of her sense of humor.  What usually goes unappreciated is that she saves these moments and pops them out every so often when the public leasts expects it.  It only makes us love them even more.

Last year, at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Australian field hockey players Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris leapt to Internet fame because Her Majesty tried her hand at a photobomb.


When most of us do that, we get called choice names.  On the other hand, we are not the Queen, and they are not amused.

Of course, she knew how to get her own back after one of our own presidents made a little goof.

The Queen did not intend to bring me joy in the following example.  But she did anyway.  Disclaimer time: I am not a Sun reader, but the video demonstrates my own twisted mind.   In the Queen’s speech to open Parliament, she mentioned a bill working to address what is currently “legal highs”.  Hearing her say “psychoactive drugs” was so cool, I had the Boffin make it my ringtone.  This is why few parents talk to me at the school pick-up.

Many people criticize the whole notion of the monarchy. The royal family, as a whole, gets torn to shreds. Well, some individual members deserve it.  And the Queen gets her fair share of criticism, especially for pawning the responsibility of raising her children off on the Grand Old Duke of Dork. But you can’t argue about how much class she really has.